The 17 Men of Amiens


8-AUGUST-1918.  On the 8th August 1918, the British Fourth Army under General Rawlinson launched a major attack with French and American units in support agaisnt German positions to the east of the strategic Railway junction of Amiens in the Picardie region of Northern France in an attack known as the Third Battle of Picardy. It was the opening phase of what would become the Allied Hundred Days Offensive that would bring on the end of the First World War.

It would be supported by over 2000 guns and more than a thousand British and French Aircraft and would be the largest tank assault of the war with over 500 British Tanks being committed to the battle across 16 kilometres.

And in the midst of this display of the industrialisation of war, a platoon of B Company, 29th Australian Infantry Battalion, moved into positions near the recently captured village of Warfusee-Abancourt, ready to participate in the second stage of the advance

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