Welcome To The DocNetwork

Iím Doc, the head guy around here, an I welcome you to the DocNetwork, please make yourself welcome. Aside from my occasional guest writer on the blog, I have created all content here, including graphics.

When I am not in front of my Toshiba Notebook working on this or that, I am a member of the 501st Legion here in Australia, which is a group dedicated to charity events dressed as Characters from the Star Wars Franchise, and when I am not doing that, I am also an active member of St John Ambulance.IMG_1470

I do a lot of things outside the tech world, Iím a gamer, a social Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Ancient Battles player, I also costume other franchises, including ones that I have made myself. Each has their own little section of the site, and if they donít they will soon.

Contacting Doc
The easiest way to contact me is by the commenting on articles on the blog, but you can also contact me a number of ways:
Email Doc
Personal Twitter: DocWinters
Blog Twitter: DocNetwork Main Twitter
Zune username: Deathstitan